Month: July 2020

Major Project Complete

Die Draw has helped complete a first major project in Scandinavia. Client acceptance was due to a successful pressure test of the DN400 ductile iron pipeline in Kongsberg. The installation only took a single day, so it was very cost … Read more

Renewable Power


One of the main advantages of Die Draw is because it is often the best solution for the environment. Die Draw is a low energy process as it uses existing resources and less material. This website is now powered by … Read more

Case Study: Kongsberg Norway

Aerial Shot of Die Draw Process

Project Details Client: Pipeliner AS Location: Kongsberg, Norway Completion date: July 2020 Pipeline Length: 365m Liner material type: PE 100 RC Liner dimension: SDR 33 Host pipe: DN400, cement mortar lined ductile iron Operating fluid: potable water Potable Water Operating … Read more