Revised Industry Standards – BS EN ISO 11296 to 11299

New Industry Standards – BS EN ISO 11299-3: 2018

Die Draw are able to offer both independent fully-structural tight-fitting liners and interactive semi-structural tight-fitting liners according to the definition in BS EN 11295: 2017 Classification and information on design and applications of plastics piping systems used for renovation and replacement. Today the most recent revision of the lining with close fit pipes suite of specifications was published by British Standards. BS EN ISO 11299-3: 2018 plastics piping systems for renovation of underground gas supply networks lining with close-fit pipes.

This follows BS EN ISO 11296-3: 2018 for no pressure drainage and sewerage, BS EN ISO 11297-3: 2018 for drainage and sewerage under pressure and BS EN ISO 11298-3: 2018 for underground water supply networks.

So What Does This Mean?

This is great news for the industry! These specifications, at last, provide some general principles on the guidance for installation of tight-fitting linings. Although they do not closely describe the technical specifics of die drawing they enable the Contractor to demonstrate compliance with a formal specification.

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