The Origins of Die Draw

The Die Draw Process has been about for many years, it is well established and industry proven in both potable water and natural gas transmission.

In the 1980s British Gas pioneered the hot Swagelining® process for rehabilitation of its extensive iron pipe network. The hot drawing process proved unreliable and it was realised that there was no need to heat the thermoplastic liner pipe, as the material can be cold drawn at ambient temperature with more consistent results. North West Water (now United Utilities) and British Gas both patented various technologies of drawing a thermoplastic liner pipe through a reduction die at ambient temperature.

In the early 1990s it was realised that the patents were in conflict as they outlined similar processes. British Gas and United Utilities came to an agreement whereby the combined patented technology was managed by Advantica. Advantica licensed specialist contractors around the world to exploit the technology for a yearly fee in exchange for provision of basic design parameters.

An early Die Draw Frame