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Die Draw Ltd is conducting pioneering research that explores the possibilities of utilising PE 100 for future high-pressure gas and hydrogen transmission systems. Our in-house polymer engineering expertise means we are uniquely positioned to lead investigations that explore the exciting capabilities of this material for these demanding applications.

Die Draw Ltd is at the forefront of polymer materials research, with a focus on optimising the performance of PE 100 pipe systems for demanding applications like high-pressure gas transmission. Our investigations, undertaken on behalf of a number of industry leaders, have demonstrated that this robust thermoplastic material can withstand exceptionally challenging operating environments – performing at levels surpassing what was previously thought possible.

Our research generates valuable insights that form the basis of our advisory services, enabling us to provide the required guidance to clients. By leveraging our findings during consultations, we help customers optimise liner selection, maximising both flowrate and service life.

This approach often guides the planning and installation of projects, ensuring our solutions are tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

In-House Expertise

Our team of Technical Specialists have PhDs in Polymer Pipeline Engineering and were key contributors to the development of the original WIS material specifications for PE 100, underscoring our detailed knowledge in this domain.

We conduct feasibility studies to ensure PE 100 pipe lining is the optimal solution for the client’s specific requirements. Our expertise encompasses technical evaluations that define the material’s performance capabilities as well as its limitations. We evaluate the material’s performance capabilities and constraints through technical assessments and where possible, utilise empirical data to provide recommendations on optimal deployment scenarios that will maximise the pipeline’s service life and flow capacity.

PE 100 pipe lining solutions provide unparalleled service life. Our aim is to capitalise on PE 100’s longevity to maximise the lifetime value and return on investment for the client’s infrastructure assets.

Pioneering Research

Die Draw Ltd’s pioneering research in PE 100 pipe systems reinforces our commitment to extending the boundaries of performance of this versatile polymer. By providing consultancy services based on our research findings, we ensure our clients receive tailored, high-performance solutions that meet their specific requirements.

As we continue to explore the capabilities of PE 100, we remain dedicated to helping our clients achieve optimal efficiency and longevity in their infrastructure projects.

Your PE 100 Requirements

We invite industry professionals to engage with us for detailed consultations and to discover how our innovative PE 100 lining solutions can enhance the resilience and durability of your pipelines. Contact Die Draw Ltd today to learn more about how we can support your next project.

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