Case Study: Kongsberg Norway

Project Details

Client:Pipeliner AS
Location:Kongsberg, Norway
Completion date:July 2020
Pipeline Length: 365m
Liner material type:PE 100 RC
Liner dimension: SDR 33
Host pipe:DN400, cement mortar lined ductile iron
Operating fluid: potable waterPotable Water
Operating pressure: 8.5 bar8.5 Bar
Pipeline lifetime with liner: 100 years100 Years

In this project, the design had to take into account that the pipeline runs below one of Norway’s busiest roads and minimising disruption was a prerequisite. Furthermore, the liner had to be pulled round an 11.5° bend (pictured below).

Installation of an interactive liner required a minimum 100-years operational life span while retaining maximum pipeline flow capacity. As always, safety was paramount as there were high loads close to buildings and roads.

Successful Outcome

This project was a resounding success.  Here are some of the key points:

  • 365m lined in one insertion pull on one day
  • Only 2 pits required
  • Design demonstrated SDR 33 gap bridging sufficient for 100 years life
  • Flow calculations showed the liner had no impact on flow capacity
  • All loads safely constrained
  • Carriageway only closed for one day
  • Navigating the bend was no issue


The Die Draw process significantly reduced the project time frame as only a single insertion was required.

Die Draw technology results in significant impact reduction to the community and environment. The thin liner uses less raw material and helps provide the lowest carbon footprint solution; only one lane needed to be closed so traffic flow was maximised on this key trunk road. There is now a very low risk of any future intervention on this pipeline within the next 100 years.