Die Draw Ltd – part of the award winning team

Die Draw Ltd are extremely proud to be part of a winning team to be awarded the prestigious Pipeline Industry Guild “Utility Pipeline Project” Award

The complex project involved 7 months of collaboration between Thames Water, Agility Alliance, Morrison Water Services & Die Draw Ltd to install 500m of PE100 liner into 36” 150-year-old cast iron main in London. The location in a highly built-up area with heavy traffic presented unique challenges requiring selection of a technology that minimized installation size and footprint, while maximizing flow post-installation. The Die Draw technique was used to temporarily reduce liner diameter during installation. A 100te winch was located at 90° to the pipeline using sheaves to transfer the pull-in forces between two very close adjacent mains without risk of disturbance.

“I’m delighted that Die Draw Ltd have helped our client MorrisonWS/Agility to win this prestigious award for their client Thames Water. It demonstrates what can be achieved when a multi-disciplinary team with all the right expertise is assembled together from different businesses. The successful implementation of Die Draw technology not only requires this, it demands it.”

Dr Steve Brogden, MD Die Draw Ltd