Using Die Draw for Waste Water Applications

Die Draw is best known for use in potable water and gas applications. The technology is also very suitable for many wastewater applications. Of special interest are pumped sewerage applications where the use of PE 100 materials was restricted by historical surge and fatigue design guidance adopted from PVCu experience.

Die Draw’s Managing Director Steven Brogden’s completed a PhD thesis which included extensive testing of different thermoplastic materials enabling greater use of PE 80 and PE 100 materials for pumped applications, where transient pressures due to surge need to be considered. A technical paper was published in 1998 by Marshall, Brogden and Shepherd. This work led to a Water Industry Information & Guidance Note IGN 4-37-02 in 1999, now available as a free download from Water UK. Separation of surge and fatigue as independent phenomena and the highly ductile performance of qualified modern PE 80 and PE 100 materials now enables designers to utilise these materials in applications where surge events can cause transient pressures of double the rated pressure.

Increased confidence for PE 100 pipes as a stand-alone pipeline material for use in pumped applications demonstrates that these Reg 31 approved PE 100 materials are an ideal choice for lining wastewater systems constructed from traditional materials. In fact, PE100 materials are the ideal Die Draw lining choice for all potable, raw and wastewater applications.

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