Dr Edward Ingham

Dr Edward Ingham

BSc Polymer Science and Technology PhD Fracture Mechanics of PE and PVC-A pipe systems

Senior Technical Specialist

Dr Edward Ingham is a highly experienced Polymer Engineering Specialist with a PhD in Fracture Mechanics of PE and PVC-A pipe systems.

Dr Ingham has over 30 years of experience and has worked as a research technician, project manager and consultant within the plastic pipe manufacturing industry and companies providing testing and consultancy to the utility and oil and gas industries.

Previously, he has been responsible for all aspects of testing of plastic pipe systems and the development of standards for pipe materials, welding and installation of plastic pipes. Dr Ingham also coordinates the failure analysis of plastic pipe systems and polymeric components.

Dr Ingham acts as a lead expert in pipeline research projects for utility and oil/gas companies worldwide. These address various material and installation issues and provide innovative solutions to problems.

He has extensive experience of the failure analysis of plastic pipe systems and polymer components. This work involves providing expert root cause analysis (RCA) reports and technical advice to product manufacturers, utility companies, insurance companies, and loss adjusters. He has represented clients at mediation hearings and in the High Court.

Dr Ingham has acted as a lead expert representing Water UK on all technical aspects of British (BS), European (EN) and International Standards (ISO). He is also involved in the development of specific UK water industry standards for polymer pipes and for the training and accreditation of PE pipeline welding personnel.

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