Dr Steve Brogden

Dr Steve Brogden

Managing Director

Dr. Steve Brogden is a Polymer Engineer with over 35 years of experience in materials technology, having specialised in plastic pipes for 30 years.

Steve’s PhD on the fatigue loading of PVC and PE went on to form the basis of a UK Water Industry IGN 4-37-02 Design against surge and fatigue conditions for thermoplastic pipes, which led to the wider use of PE materials in pipeline applications globally. Other projects for the UK Water Industry during the 1990s involved engineering of polymer lining systems, development of pipe pressure test commissioning procedures, polymer fitting improvements and welding methods.

Building on his technical knowledge, Steve has worked with commercial success throughout the supply chain on Projects involving Polymer Material Producers, Pipe Manufacturers, Utility Gas and Water Companies, Pipeline Installers (Contractors, both onshore and offshore) Oil and Gas Companies, Test Houses and Certification Bodies. A thorough understanding of polymer viscoelastic behaviour and material operating limits enables Steve to bring a practical approach to solving seemingly complex technical issues during installation of polymer liners.

Steve has contributed to Pipeline Projects all over the world, throughout Europe and especially Scandinavia, the Middle East, India, Japan, North America and Africa. Over the last 10 years, Steve has applied the principles of polymer viscoelasticity to overcome the technical hurdles required to get the process of die drawing under control. This has enabled Projects to be undertaken reliably and consistently at very low risk, using this versatile process. Steve has designed hundreds of successfully installed and operating tight-fitting liners.

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