Nick Preston

Nick Preston

Technical Advisor

Nick is a graduate of University College London, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and is a Fellow of The Institution of Civil Engineers. He has over 35 years of experience in the Construction and Water industries. He specialises in Operational performance improvement, Asset Management and Engineering across a wide range of engineering disciplines and sectors where he has held senior positions in various companies.

Nick’s Key Strengths include: analysing complex business requirements and developing technology solutions to achieve commercial objectives. Nick is passionate about developing the people of our future; it is through our people that we can innovate, improve customer service, research and develop new products, build, own, maintain and operate assets – to improve profitability.

Nick has worked extensively with and for Water companies in the UK, Europe and Middle East most recently as a consultant providing Expert Witness, business improvement strategies, leakage reduction, pipeline rehabilitation options, R&D, leadership training and mentoring.

Nick has had a number of his innovations patent protected in the UK and worldwide. Nick was a co-inventor of processes that were licenced to Advantica as part of the portfolio of Die Draw patents and other Intellectual Property Rights.

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